In 1893, when Karl Kässbohrer founded his Wagenfabrik in Ulm, he redefined what trailer engineering could achieve. Today, thanks to 125 years of staying true to his ethos, Kässbohrer products are used in more than 55 countries. We have innovated in more ways and have a broader product line than Mr. Kässbohrer would ever have thought possible.


Kässbohrer’s success is built on our engineer’s drive to excel the ordinary and achieve a level of efficiency, simplicity and reliability seldom seen. Our R&D process focuses on rapid prototyping to achieve the best solution sooner. We listen to our industry and our customers to deliver.

Synonymous with innovative technological solutions since 1893, we bring our ingenuity and flexibility to fulfill our customers’ expectations, ensuring continued success.Today, Kässbohrer’s engineering presents transport solutions for its customers from Ulm to Seoul.


Engineering paired with ingenuity. We call it ‘Enginuity’.

Today, Enginuity enables us to deliver in more innovative and specific ways than before. Our promise coupled with the world’s latest technology, guides us to engineer our trailers to a higher standard. It’s made us more flexible finding the right transportation solution for our global customers’ specific needs.

Inspired by its history, Kässboher builds quality.