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Comtrans 2013, Kässbohrer presents the new container chassis

Kässbohrer has taken its place at Russia’s most important commercial vehicle show Comtrans in Moscow.


German trailer manufacturer Kässbohrer has taken its place at Russia’s most important commercial vehicle show Comtrans in Moscow. Offering the widest product range in the industry, at its stand in Hall 12, Kässbohrer will present for the first time, newly developed container chassis K.SHG S, with a bolted gooseneck and galvanized chassis. 


Today, Kässbohrer is the leading trailer manufacturer with  the widest product range, exporting  more than 51 countries. Inspired by its history, Kässbohrer is building quality with its dedicated R&D team.

Newly developed K.SHG S, is the result of Kässbohrer’s dedication of engineering excellence and drive to surpass the expectations of its global customers. More than 2500 engineering hours, along with total of  720 hours of CAE processes in combination with durability tests under difficult load and road conditions have been  dedicated for the design verification.

To enchance flexibility in fleet management, K.SHG.S, designed for the transportion of containers from 20 ft. up to 45 ft.  Whereas the load distribution has been optimized for maximum load security, the bolted gooseneck along with bolted container locks offers operational safety and fast maintenance. 

Furthermore, the hot dip galvanized chassis provides non-corrosion. Taking into account the rough loading and unloading operations of containers, galvanizing technology guarantees rust resistance to impacts, while prolonging the product life.

In addition to the launch of K.SHG S, the following products will be presented at Kãssbohrer during Comtrans:


With features, designed to increase safety, Kässbohrer offers the highest security standards in the dangerous goods transportation.  While offering high load capacity, K.STB 39 can be configured with extensive options such as measuring and pumping systems.  According to the customer specific needs, K.ST B 39 can also be designed with various volume and compartments options. 


Launched initially at Bauma 2013, in Münich, Kässbohrer R&D engineers designed the SLH series with from 2 up to 8 axles with self-steering and/or hydraulic steering axles, extendable and fixed chassis and various other special features and options. 
At the Comtrans’2013, Kässbohrer presents the K.SLH 5 with 5 axles - a masterpiece of engineering excellence - which provides maximum mobility to Russian customers under the toughest outdoor and weather conditions.


Kässbohrer's engineering provides efficiency and reliability in general cargo transportation. Acclaimed robust chassis is suitable for every road condition and every kind of cargo. Coupled perfectly with any tractor, K.SCS X enhances your fleet's performance. The safety and loading features are developed to incorporate latest technology into your operations. The latest cataphoretic painting process (KTL) with zinc-phospate coating has been applied to guarantee rust resistance for 10 years  and withstand adverse weather conditions.