Container Chassis Delivery to Ancotrans

With The Delivery Of Another 30 Container Chassis, Ancotrans Operates More Than 100 Kässbohrer Vehicles In Their Fleet

12 September 2018

Europe’s fastest growing semi-trailer manufacturer Kässbohrer has delivered 30 Light Container Chassis K.SHG L to Denmark’s Anders Nielsen & Co / ANCOTRANS, Kässbohrer partner already operating 72 Fixed Container Chassis K.SHG S in their fleet.  

Ancotrans was founded in 1882 and has offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Hamburg, Gothenburg, Helsingborg, and Rotterdam provides all types of container transportation services with more than 1500 vehicles in its fleet to from major port to the terminals in Denmark, Germany, Sweden and rest of Europe. Ancotrans works with Kässbohrer for quality and durable products that provide operational ease, flexibility, and efficiency. With the latest delivery, Ancotrans has 102 Kässbohrer Container Chassis in their fleet. 

During the delivery ceremony, Mogens Røigaard, COO of Ancotrans and Mehmet Önen, Key Account Manager of Kässbohrer gave speeches about this collaboration and detailed their partnership.

Mogens Røigaard stated: “As Ancotrans, we prefer Kässbohrer vehicles to make our operations faster and to achieve operational efficiency. Our partnership started with the purchase of 72 K.SHG S vehicles to carry 2 x 20 ft, 20 ft in the middle, and 1 x 40 ft. We have experienced quality, operational ease and robustness of their vehicles first-hand and as a result of our satisfaction, we added 30 more K.SHG L vehicle to our fleet. Not only with the quality, but also with the immediate response from sales and after sales team, Kässbohrer will continue to support us during our operations. We are sure that our partnership will gain power and become a long-term partnership in the coming days.”

Mehmet Önen stated: “We’re meeting the requirements of the international transportation industry for 125 years thanks to our engineering power, customer-centric approach and broad after sales services. As a result of Ancotrans’s trust in Kässbohrer, we delivered 30 more K.SHG L vehicle that allows higher payload for 40 ft transportation and lower fuel consumption with tare weight of 3.850 kg. This delivery shows that our collaboration with Ancotrans will be long-term and also is a sign of their trust in Kässbohrer. I’m sure that our partnership will sustain in the coming days.”

Features of Kässbohrer’s Container Chassis, K.SHG S

Engineered to provide you flexibility and efficiency in operations, Kässbohrer container chassis with gooseneck, K.SHG S, offers the best load distribution for maximum maneuverability, especially at narrow and difficult curves.

K.SHG.S, with 15 ton king pin capacity gooseneck and suitable for 6 x 2 trucks, equipped with 12 container locks, K.SHG S is suitable for the container transportation 2 x 20 ft,  20 ft in the middle, and 1 x 40 ft high cube containers.

In consideration of fast and demanding container loading operations, K.SHG S's chassis is KTL coated to enhance the product lifetime.

K.SHG S is designed to meet your operational challenges with options such as additional container locks to carry 45 ft high cube long tunneled containers, self-steering axles and a rear loading platform for 20 ft middle transportation.

Features of Kässbohrer’s Container Chassis, K. SHG L

Kässbohrer’s gooseneck light container chassis K.SHG L is engineered to handle 40 ft HC containers with less than 600 kg tare weight advantage compared to conventional trailers.

Kässbohrer’s light chassis with 15 ton king pin capacity gooseneck and suitable for 6 x 2 trucks, technology reduces its tare weight, allowing higher payload and lower fuel consumption.

K.SHG L's ingenious design allows the safe and easy loading of containers with only four locks.