Kässbohrer Italy Presents A Wide Selection in Brescia with its Partner Multiservice

20 June 2019

Adhering to the motto “Enginuity”, Kässbohrer offers the widest product range in Europe that are developed according to versatile customer requirements. As a company that focuses on developing the high-technology products and offering the best services with its local partners, last year Kässbohrer established its new headquarter in Verona, Italy to meet the unmet requirements of Italy.

At a special event organized with its partner Multiservice, Kässbohrer hosted its Italian stakeholders on the 13th of June in Brescia, Italy. The results of Kässbohrer’s Italian customer centric approach, Curtainsiders K.SCC and K.SCS were at the center of the special event.

During the organization, Europe’s fastest growing semi-trailer manufacturer Kässbohrer also exhibited a selection of its wide product range including Plywood Box K.SBT, Trailer Innovation 2019 Winner Multifunctional Container Chassis K.SHG AVMH, and Reefer K.SRI vehicles and shared detailed information with the guests.

Curtainsider Vehicles for Efficiency


Kässbohrer exhibited its Coil Transporter Curtainsider K.SCC and Mega Curtainsider K.SCS X+ vehicles that are engineered for robustness and efficiency presents operational advantages to the Italian customers. 

With its unique and robust chassis, Coil Transporter Curtainsider K.SCC series is offered with a coil-well length equal to 7.250 mm and with optional coil-well length equal to 9.060 mm. Furthermore, K.SCC is suited for the transport of steel coils with diameters starting from 900 mm up to 2.100 mm.

Kässbohrer Mega Curtainsider K.SCS X+ with lifting axle for rows of aluminum side planks front tensioning system that allows opening side curtains from both sides. Moreover, steering 3rd axle function is offered in order to increase the vehicle’s maneuverability even on the narrowest roads.

Widest Product Range in Europe

Winner of Trailer Innovation Awards in 2017 and 2019, in Safety and Chassis categories, Kässbohrer brings innovation its highest quality vehicles in the widest product range in Europe.

During the event, Kässbohrer’s Italian stakeholders had the opportunity to examine sturdy and dependable Dry Freight Plywood Box K.SBT that makes a difference with its strong chassis, as well as, high-quality Reefer vehicle K.SRI that provides strong insulation in various temperature zones through its premium panel design and “K” value that optimizes Total Cost of Ownership. Last but not least, guests experienced first hand the ease of use of Multifunctional Container Chassis K.SHG AVMH the Trailer Innovation 2019 Award Winner in category “Chassis”, solving the torsion problems of 30 years.

Kässbohrer is Determined to be the Long-Term Business Partner of Italian Companies  

In 2018, Kässbohrer proudly opened a new facility in Verona, Italy, that ranked as one of the largest Italian Port among all other ports (sea, air, ground) with more than 16.000 railway traffic with abroad destinations. Additionally, Interporto di Verona is in progress of building a 750m-long train terminal to enhance Italy’s connection to Europe. 

With the location that is strategically chosen and the widest product range in Europe, Kässbohrer is determined to be the long-term business partner of Italian companies.

Kässbohrer After Sales Services in Europe

Kässbohrer’s broad after sales services are developed to take care of its customers, and wide after sales and spare parts services in Europe compliments their operations.

With K-Advance Care Service Packages tailored to each customers’ operational needs as well as 24/7 Kässbohrer Hotline available in 27 countries and 23 languages, Kässbohrer’s after sales services are attuned to meet the needs.