Kässbohrer Opens the Goch Plant’s Doors for the First Time

04 July 2019

Europe’s fastest growing semi-trailer manufacturer Kässbohrer opened its Goch plant’s doors for the first time during “4 x Fahrzeugbau zum Anfassen” event on 30th of June, together with its partners Eurotank Service, GOFA, and KTH Trailer.

“4 x Fahrzeugbau zum Anfassen” event started with the factory tour when visitors including families and young people had the chance to examine first-hand the quality and robustness of Kässbohrer vehicles. The event continued with the presentation of BPW axles and later on, visitors were informed about Ungering tools. Lastly, detailed information was shared about coloring techniques with “Colour Up”. 

“We are very happy to be a part of “4 x Fahrzeugbau zum Anfassen””

Kässbohrer Fahrzeugwerke GmbH Deputy General Manager Ali Cenap Gümüşçüoğlu stated: “As Kässbohrer, we are carrying out our production at our Goch location since 2002. This location is strategically chosen and located in the middle of Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. As of 2019, we export to 25 countries and we are closer to our customers so that we can easily meet their unmet requirements. Throughout this event, we have shown our visitors Kässbohrer’s processes and examples of our widest product range.

Mr. Gümüşçüoğlu added: “4 x Fahrzeugbau zum Anfassen” is a joint organization with our partners and neighbours Eurotank Service, GOFA and KTH Trailer. Since 2002, we have seen Goch grow to accommodate many manufacturing and service businesses. We are proud to have been one of the first companies to start this positive growth. With this event, we also aim to show Lower Rhine region’s wide range of career opportunities starting with apprenticeship exchange. Goch has been an accommodating home for us for many years. We are happy to organize events like “4 x Fahrzeugbau zum Anfassen’’ to raise awareness for the region and build new relations with young people for positive growth in many more years to come.

Moreover, during the event, fundraising for the education of young people was carried out.  The proceeds were presented to Anna-Stift foundation.