Kässbohrer Transport Logistic 2019 Closing with the Transport Sector

17 June 2019

Europe’s fastest growing semi-trailer manufacturer Kässbohrer hosted the transportation sector during Transport Logistic 2019 fair, that took place between 4-7 June in Munich, Germany.

On 6th of June Kässbohrer met with reputable transportation sector stakeholders, VSL (Verband Spedition und Logistik), LBS (Landesverband Bayerischer Spediteure E.V.), leading transport companies, suppliers, press members and members of the associations to discuss the importance of current trends, sustainability and intermodality at its cocktail event.

Mrs. Türken: “We are doing our part to support environmental goals”

During the event, Kässbohrer Board Member Mrs. İffet Türken stated: “Adhering to our motto “Enginuity”, we are innovating the widest product range and offer extended services to meet the needs of our customers by listening to them. Towards the next 125 years, we work on new concepts and ways of doing business according to the industry dynamics and while doing that we work closely with our long-term stakeholders to increase our creativity.”

“As the transportation sector concentrates its efforts to address the environmental challenges, Kässbohrer is responsibly doing its part by developing its products and services to present carbon footprint lowering solutions to the industry. Apart from our regular meetings and discussions, we are happy to come together with the members of VSL and LBS to make a discussion about the importance of sustainability and decarbonization.” Mrs. Türken added.

Mrs. Türken: “We offer the complete intermodal product range”

“These days, intermodal transportation is promoted by modal shift policies and it is a way of reducing carbon footprint while offering operational flexibility. Kässbohrer proudly carries the complete intermodal product range, including Trailer Innovation 2019 Award Winner in category “Chassis” Multifunctional Container Chassis K.SHG AVMH, lightest swap body on the market K.SWAU CL and robust curtainsider ranges. We are proud to support our customers with innovation for operational ease, cost reduction and reduction of CO2 emissions.

As Kässbohrer, we are determined to support the industry by offering and further developing products and services to reduce CO2 emissions during their operations. Our close work with reputable associations enables us to more efficiently contribute to the entire industry’s efforts towards sustainability.” Mrs. Türken highlighted.