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Kässbohrer and Denmark's EUROBULK Logistics A/S established a new partnership


Leading semi-trailer manufacturer Kässbohrer together with Trailer Trade AS and Denmark’s EUROBULK Logistics A/S established a new partnership. Recently, the company added 4 axle tipping silos specially developed for the Nordic operations K.SSK 66 to their fleet.

EUROBULK Logistics A/S is known as one of the leaders in the transport of liquid food and powder products in Europe and has an environmentally conscious transport company believing that it pays to make an extra effort.

Mr. Søren Tvede, the CEO of EUROBULK Logistics, and Mr. Mehmet Önen, Head of Key Account Management at Kässbohrer, and Morten Jessen, Director of Trailer Trade AS attended the delivery ceremony and detailed their newly established partnership.

“The Kässbohrer quality and efficiency is already known, and as EUROBULK Logistics, we have decided to expand our fleet with 4 axle tipping silo with 66 m3 volume K.SSK 66 specially developed for the gross weight regulations of the Nordic countries. 

With the light tare weight of 7.950 kg, 17-ton kingpin capacity, and 30-ton axle load capacity K.SSK 66 enables more payload capacity during our operations.

Our partnership is newly established but with Kässbohrer’s quality vehicles and broad aftersales network I’m sure that our partnership will continue to grow in the coming years.” stated Mr. Søren Tvede.

Mr. Önen expresses his thoughts: “Within Europe’s widest product range we fully support our customers in their operational needs and the regulations they operate in. For Nordic countries, we offer separated axle extendable low-bed platform with 3 axles K.SPA X 3 SCAN, Extendable Low-Bed with 3 axles K.SLA 3 SCAN, 37 m3 aluminum tipper K.SKA 37, and Fixed Container Chassis K.SHF S SCAN and proudly developed 66 m3 volume silo with 4 axles K.SSK 66 for our valuable customer EUROBULK.

Adhering to our motto “Enginuity”, we designed our 66 m3 volume K.SSK 66 with 4 axles to provide the optimum volume while fully loaded. Our silo is the lightest silo with a tare weight of 7.950 kg to enable maximum payload capacity.


With enhanced flow angles and smooth aluminum surfaces, our vehicle allows a continuous and easy flow of the material.


Our K.SSK 66 is manufactured to the highest quality standards with expert manufacturing, using high-quality long-lasting aluminum for the body.


As standard, our vehicle is also provided with high-quality equipment such as stainless steel electropolished manifold and discharge cone. 


We are glad to strengthen the fleet of our valuable customer EUROBULK and I’m sure that our partnership will grow in the future with our vehicles special for the Nordic country requirements and broad after-sales services.


Kässbohrer has 666 service points across Europe including Denmark for repair and maintenance of its widest product range with running gear as well as axle, brake system, and chassis reparation.


Kässbohrer offers complete aftersales support special for tanker and silo vehicles on its 345 locations in Europe, from body welding operation to hydraulic system reparation and general reparation. These locations also offer axle, brake system, and chassis reparation. Especially for the Nordic region, Kässbohrer offers 42 aftersales support locations, 26 of which provide complete aftersales support special for tanker and silo vehicles.


With our highest-quality vehicles and growing after-sales services network, we will continue to support our valuable customer Anneberg with its operations.”