Kässbohrer and Transmorvedre established a new partnership

23 November 2022

Leading semi-trailer manufacturer Kässbohrer established a new partnership with the
Spanish Transportes Morvedre Transmorvedre S.C. Valenciana.

Founded in Sagunto, Transmorvedre, Spain’s well-established transport company has
been operating since 1984 and has been specializing in cement transportation in Spain.
With their newest addition of Kässbohrer non-tipping silo K.SSL 33 to its fleet,
Transmorvedre invested in Europe’s lightest and most efficient silo vehicles, produced by

The member of the Transportes Morvedre Transmorvedre S.C. Valenciana cooperative,
Alejandro Lacasa and Kässbohrer Iberica Area Sales Manager Gonzalo Araujo attended
the delivery ceremony and detailed their newly established partnership.

“I had seen Kässbohrer vehicles on the road and several Kässbohrer silos work in my
area. I found them quite remarkable and contacted Kässbohrer Ibérica directly and we
started talking about the products and performances.

We made the decision to invest in Kässbohrer because of the range of products they
have as well as the guarantee and assurance it gave me when I saw Kässbohrer
curtainsiders, and truck transporters on the road.

Our first impressions on the Kässbohrer silos are very satisfying due to the high-quality
welding finish, built-in safety elements such as pressure valves and construction details or
elements such as the aluminum suspension support welded to the chassis that not all
brands offer..

The efficient discharge, very good maneuverability, great stability as well as its payload
capacity is the first advantages we've experienced, and it is my pleasure to recommend
Kässbohrer to all my contacts.” stated Mr. Lacasa

Kässbohrer Iberica Area Sales Manager, Mr. Araujo also shared his thoughts: “We are
proud to announce our cooperation with one of the highly respected companies for
cement transportation in Spain. Transmovedre's newest investment has been in our nontipping
K.SSL 35 silos.

Fort the most efficient cement transportation, our Kässbohrer K.SSL 35 silos offer
optimum payload capacity with their 4.515 kg tare weight.

Thanks to the re-engineered wheelbase, K.SSL 35 provides 3% improvement in lateral
inclination and lower center of gravity, resulting in high maneuverability, safety, and
efficiency even in the toughest working conditions.

Depending on the on-site working conditions, K.SSL 35 is offered with several discharge
solutions such as individual discharging per cone at left or right, single discharging at both
sides, or discharge from the rear side, meeting your specific operational needs.”


For over 125 years, Kässbohrer has been developing vehicles that have pushed the
boundaries of vehicle engineering. Finely attuned to the needs of its customers all over
the world, Kässbohrer established its Kässbohrer Iberica headquarters in Barcelona in
2017. Serving the needs of customers throughout the country, the Spanish Headquarters
can be reached by phone at +34 936 685 703 or via Linkedin at