Kässbohrer Competency in Heavy Haulage Transportation

Kässbohrer Competency in Heavy Haulage Transportation

24 October 2022

Adhering to the motto “Enginuity”, Kässbohrer develops robust and reliable vehicles to meet the requirements of its customers for more than 125 years.

With constant innovation to meet customer requirements in construction, Kässbohrer offers robust, long vehicle life and high functionality, in fixed, extendable, jumbo, hydraulic low-bed, low-loader and low bed platform series, among the top 3 choices of European heavy haulage transportation. Kässbohrer constantly develops its product range in terms of extension, steering type, number of axles, main dimensions such as platform length, width, and height as well as custom-made solutions to better accommodate the needs of its customers in more than 55 countries.

Newly Launched Extendable Low-Bed K.SLA RJ, Eliminating Special Permits with the Lowest Loading Height of 375 mm by Kässbohrer

Kässbohrer expertly engineered the extendable 3 axle low-bed semi-trailer, the new K.SLA RJ 3, setting new standards in heavy goods transportation by minimizing the platform height through its new chassis design. With the help of wheel recesses, K.SLA RJ 3’s loading height is lowered to 375 mm.

The new lightweight K.SLA RJ 3 with the tare weight of less than 10.000 kg, increases the payload capacity and enables more energy-efficient and eco-friendly transport of heavy and abnormal goods.

For operational flexibility and safety, the new K.SLA RJ 3 is surrounded by excavator arm recess, pillars, pillar pockets, as well as new lashing rings with an increased capacity of up to 10 tons that are positioned on the gooseneck, platform, and side raves contributing to optimal load distribution.

Newly Launched Hydraulic Steering Double Extendable Low Bed Platform K.SPH M for the Loads up to 16000 mm by Kässbohrer

Within its complete construction range, Kässbohrer offers its ideally engineered Platform series for the transportation of long or heavy goods that maximum performance under any circumstances. With various options, such as 1st axle lifting, self-steering axles, or heavy-duty lashing rings with up to 13.4 tons technical load capacity, Kässbohrer’s sturdy and heavy load-bearing platform vehicles will carry your load with full performance.

During IAA 2022 fair Kässbohrer launched its Hydraulic Steering Double Extendable Low Bed Platform K.SPH M specially designed for the highest maneuverability even on the narrowest curves in rural areas.

Kässbohrer’s double extendable, hydraulic steered low-bed platform with 4 axles, K.SPH M 4, with its extreme total length of 30 meters and the strong and flat chassis with a Mega coupling height provides flexible and safe transportation for heavy and ballast loads.

Despite its strong and robust chassis, it provides a maximum payload with its assertive tare weight of 13.950kg, among hydraulic steering low-bed platforms thanks to its air-suspension system that provides technical axle load of no less than 10 tons.

Lowest Low-Loader K.SLL 2 with 300 mm Loading Height by Kässbohrer

Kässbohrer K.SLL 2, engineered with the most technological processes and components to offer its customers the lowest low loader to accommodate the maximum height on heavy-haulage transportation with a ground clearance of only 100 mm.

K.SLL 2 with 2 axles comes with detachable gooseneck shortening loading operations of bulky goods while enhancing operational safety with front loading capability. With its special pool length of 6.810 mm and king-pin capacity of up to 24 ton, K.SLL 2 provides flexible transportation of tall and heavy goods with no requirement for additional permission.

Extendable by a maximum of 5.550 mm, K.SLL 2 is equipped with hydraulic axles of 12 ton capacity each with a turning angle of 42°, to provide maximum maneuverability under the toughest road conditions. With its strong chassis and robust construction, K.SLL 2 is designed for the reliable and on-time transport of heavy haulage and abnormal goods.

Extendable Low-Bed K.SLA 4, Best Operational Flexibility and Highest Safety with 40 Ramps 10 Ton Capacity Lashing Rings by Kässbohrer

Kässbohrer reengineered its extendable low-bed with 4 axles, K.SLA 4, meeting the versatile needs of its customers with its wide option range and maximizing the payload with its lighter chassis design. With the tare weight of 11.850 kg, K.SLA series increases payload capacity for transportation of the heaviest goods, while eliminating the need for special transportation permits saving on time and cost. K.SLA 4 can extend 6.200 mm to carry loads with maximum length. For operational flexibility and safety, Kässbohrer K.SLA 4 is equipped with new container locks, and new lashing rings with an increased capacity of up to 10 tons. Kässbohrer’s new lashing rings are positioned on the gooseneck, platform, and side raves, and contribute to the optimal load distribution.

Hydraulically Steered Low-Bed, K.SLH 3 for Best Maneuverability with 42 Degree Steering by Kässbohrer

Kässbohrer’s extendable, hydraulically steered low-bed with 3 axles, K.SLH 3 provides high maneuverability even on the narrowest curves in rural areas.

Thanks to its up to 6.200 mm extendable, strong and flat chassis with a very low platform height of 875 mm, K.SLH 3 provides flexible and safe transportation for heavy and ballast loads.

K.SLH 3 maximizes your payload by its challenging tare weight of 12.000 kg amongst the equivalents in the segment. It provides the maximum capacity by its technical axle load of 12 ton

Best Fit For The Transportation Of Higher Loads K.SPA MR with 425 mm Deep Wheel Recesses by Kässbohrer

Kässbohrer’s 3-axle extendable low-bed platform semi-trailer with wheel recess K.SPA MR is the finest example of Kässbohrer engineering excellence. K.SPA MR 3 provides safe transportation of long, heavy loads with its robust chassis made of S700MC steel and enables higher payload and fuel saving on unloaded journeys with its low tare weight of 10.000 kg.

With the wheel recess platform height of 620 mm, K.SPA MR 3 enables the transportation of higher loads. K.SPA MR 3 enhances operational flexibility with its extendable chassis up to 6.900 mm and sliding platform features.

The vehicle is offered with various load fixing points such as lashing rings with 5 to 10 ton capacity, 4 x 2 rows of vertical pillar pockets and pillar pockets on side raves. K.SPA MR 3 can be equipped with wide range of options such as axle lifting, metallization, rear and front gooseneck ramps.