Kässbohrer newly launched lighter construction 3-axle tipper semi-trailer K.SKS B

09 June 2022

Kässbohrer, leading semi-trailer manufacturer with Europe’s widest product range, continues to work to meet the unmet needs of its customers with continuous improvement and new launches.

Offering the complete construction range with silo, tanker, tipper, platform, and low-bed vehicles, Kässbohrer newly launched lighter construction 3-axle tipper semi-trailer K.SKS B, a fine example of Enginuity.

The newest member of Kässbohrer's construction tipper range K.SKS B stands for reliability and robustness under the hardest load and road conditions through its ingeniously designed excellent chassis and upper structure with the highest strength.

Fully compliant with the regulations of all European countries, K.SKS B is perfectly designed and engineered for construction transportation such as sandstone, asphalt, and earthworks.

With the tare weight starting from 5.350 kg, K.SKS B provides operational efficiency during transportation.

The robust chassis with cataphoretic dip-coating (KTL) process offers durability and persistence throughout the economic life of the vehicle. With king-pin capacity of 12.000 kg and unique upper structure design, K.SKS offers the maximum traction performance on the road and ideal load distribution for road safety.

Through the new U-shape of the floor, K.SKS B prevents material residue and ensures fast unloading of bulk materials. 5 steps hydraulic cylinder with a lifting capacity of 250 bar enables operationally efficient unloading.

Engineered to couple with 4 x 2, 6 x 2, 6 x 4 trucks, K.SKS is equipped with one-touch brake system, developed for stable unloading operations and with tilt alert system alerting the drivers on inclined lands, providing operational safety.


Kässbohrer After-Sales Network

Kässbohrer’s after-sales services network has 666 services in Europe serving Kässbohrer‘s widest product range in repair and maintenance while 455 services provide advanced repair and maintenance for Kässbohrer tipper range including body welding, hydraulic maintenance, general reparation as well as axle and brake system reparation.

On Kässbohrer’s website our customers can access real-time business hours of its entire network: www.kaessbohrer.com/findus



Kässbohrer understands your business. Caring for its customers beyond the sale of a trailer, it understands the complexities of maintaining operations whether you have one Kässbohrer trailer or operate a fleet of them.

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