Kässbohrer proudly introduced 4 vehicles for the construction sector

03 February 2021

Adhering to the motto “Enginuity”, Kässbohrer offers the widest product range and complete construction range with silo, tanker, tipper, platform and low-bed vehicles to its customers in more than 55 countries.

With constant R&D activities, Kässbohrer steadily improves vehicles in order to meet the unmet needs of its customers. With engineering excellence and ingenuity to develop new technologies, Kässbohrer proudly launched 4 vehicles to the construction sector.

As a result of rapid adaptation to pandemic conditions, Kässbohrer brought virtual exhibition to life that is reachable through https://virtualexhibition.kaessbohrer.com/. By visiting Kässbohrer’s virtual exhibition, it is possible to get more information and examine the digital twin of these launch vehicles.

Reliable Drawbar for Construction, K.TAN P 1+2

Kässbohrer’s new drawbar series K.TAN series is engineered for full trailer needs of customers that are mainly active in the forestry and construction sector.

The new, lightweight K.TAN series have tare weights starting from 5.500 kg to increase the payload capacity as well as fuel savings on unloaded journeys without compromising from reliability and robustness.

TAN P 1+2 offers multi-functional and flexible transportation capability with various lashing rings with 8 to 10 ton capacity, 2 x 2 rows of vertical pillar pockets, and pillar pockets on side raves.

Low-Bed platform semi-trailer with wheel recess, K.SPA MR 3

Kässbohrer’s 3-axle extendable low-bed platform semi-trailer with wheel recess K.SPA MR 3 is the best fit for the transportation of higher loads.

K.SPA MR 3 provides safe transportation of long, heavy loads with its robust chassis made of S700MC steel and enables higher payload and fuel-saving on unloaded journeys with its low tare weight of 10.000 kg. With the wheel recess platform height of 620 mm, K.SPA MR 3 enables the transportation of higher loads upto 3.380 mm.

K.SPA MR 3 enhances operational flexibility with its extendable chassis up to 6.900 mm and sliding platform features. For operational safety, the vehicle is offered with various load fixing points such as lashing rings with 5 to 10 ton capacity, 4 x 2 rows of vertical pillar pockets and pillar pockets on side raves that are EUMOS certified. Moreover, the vehicle can be equipped with a wide range of options such as axle lifting, metallization, rear and front gooseneck ramps. K.SPA MR 3 also has 22,5 ton resilience Code XL certificate for front panel.

Best fit for the Construction Machinery Transportation, K.SLA R 4

In order to meet the needs of the sector, Kässbohrer designed its extendable low-bed semi-trailer with 4 axles K.SLA R 4 combined with its industry expertise for the transportation of construction equipment, farming and foresting machinery.     

K.SLA R 4 provides safe transportation of loads with its robust chassis made of S700MC steel and enables higher payload and fuel-saving on unloaded journeys with its low tare weight of 13.250 kg. Available with wheel recess as standard, K.SLA R 4 can be offered with various lashing rings with 5 to 10 ton capacity, 3 x 2 rows of vertical pillar pockets and pillar pockets on side raves to enable multi-functional and flexible transportation.

Higher Maneuverability on the Narrowest Curves, K.SLH 4

Kässbohrer’s extendable, hydraulic steered low-bed with 4-axles K.SLH 4 provides high maneuverability even on the narrowest curves in rural areas.

With its diversified load safety options, K.SLH 4 provides flexible and safe transportation for heavy and ballast loads with its extension up to 6.200 mm, strong and flat chassis with a very low platform height of 875 mm.

Despite its strong and robust chassis, the vehicle maximizes payload by its tare weight of 13.000 kg among hydraulic low beds with its air-suspension system yet providing the technical axle load no less than 12 ton.

K.SLH 4 can also be equipped with several options in order to minimise maintenance cost and increase product life, such as central lubrication unit to lubricate the determined points of the vehicle periodically and manometer to show the suspension load.