Kässbohrer’s expands it’s Goch spare parts warehouse

11 April 2022

Leading semi-trailer manufacturer Kässbohrer is investing to provide the most efficient after-sales, and spare parts services to its customers.

Kässbohrer’s latest investment in spare-parts operation is the expansion of its spare parts warehouse in the Goch Production facility, completed December 2021.

Located in Kässbohrer’s Goch production facility, Kässbohrer’s expanded spare parts warehouse operates in a 2.160 square meter area housing 156.000 spare parts. With a team of 7 dedicated employees, Kässbohrer continues to serve Central Europe, the Benelux region, Nordic countries, the United Kingdom, and the Mediterranean.

Alongside Goch, Kässbohrer’s warehouse network includes Ulm-Germany, serving customers in Central, Western and Southern Europe; Lyon-France serving customers in Europe and the Mediterranean region; and Adapazari campus fully supporting the operations of its customers in more than 55 countries.

In order to sustain successful spare part operations, Kässbohrer incorporates its comprehensive SAP database into its operations. Kässbohrer proudly offers fast-moving 95% and 90% in-stock spare parts availability and dispatch within 24 hours, including original parts sourced through the systems and from leading suppliers.

Kässbohrer’s spare parts team takes care of every request personally, at the same time using the comprehensive Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC) catalog since 2009.

Kässbohrer’s Goch Location and Wide Range of Services

Home of the extended spare parts depot, Kässbohrer Goch production facility is one of two production facilities in Germany. The Goch facility operates in a total area of 108.000 m2. The location serves as the PDI center for Northern Europe, as an after-sales and sales center for Nordrhein Westfalen Region as well as spare parts warehouse. In the Goch Facility, Kässbohrer also has a Manufacturer’s Service that serves broad repair and maintenance services to its customers.

Kässbohrer’s experienced manufacturer’s service team provides repair and maintenance services for all types and makes of trailers. The Kässbohrer Manufacturer’s service offers repair of chassis made of aluminum, stainless steel, and steel, repair and maintenance of axles, brake systems, repair of sandwich panels and tank, and aluminum welding.

The Goch service is equipped with machinery for cutting and bending steel parts. With its 50 meters long, large-capacity paint cabin, commercial vehicles of all types and sizes, and special parts can be professionally painted alongside professional washing possibilities.

Mr Frank V.Thiel ([email protected]) are ready to support you in your spare-parts needs.