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New dealership - Kässbohrer targets 10% market share in Italy

Europe’s fastest growing semi-trailer manufacturer Kässbohrer is now geared up for further expansion in its sales force and after-sales service in Italy, the company announced on October 20, 2016 in a press conference in Cremona, Italy.


One of Germany’s most prominent pioneer in the automotive engineering, with its history dating back to 1893, Kässbohrer is currently one of the largest semi-trailer manufacturer in Europe, in terms of production capacity.

With a combined capacity of 20,000 units, Kässbohrer offers the widest product range in the European semi-trailer industry, including curtainsiders, tanks, silos, low-beds, low-loaders, container chassis and platform semi-trailers.

Further expanding Europe’s widest product range with award-winning innovations

Since the beginning of 2016, Kässbohrer has launched 18 new models of semi-trailers in four product groups, along with 350 new options, in reply to changing trends in the industry and to the specific needs of its customers.

Among these new products, with Kässbohrer Safety Bitumen Tanker, K.STS.F 32, co-developed through an exemplary industry collaboration with Hoyer Bitumen-Logistik GmbH,  Kässbohrer won the Trailer Innovation 2017 award. Kässbohrer’s new safety concept improves European best practices for occupational health and safety, as well as the discharge operation safety, and efficiency in general.

Kässbohrer grows by twofold in Jan-Aug 2016

Increasing its market penetration in its established markets in Central Europe, while strengthening its presence in markets, including the UK, France and Portugal, Kässbohrer has increased its sales in its key European markets by twofold year-on-year in the first eight months of the current year.  As a result, the company has maintained its position as the fastest growing semi-trailer manufacturer in Europe.

  • Germany: Kässbohrer gained significant market share in the mentioned period thanks to the powerful sales increase it recorded in the curtainsider segment, while the company is still market leader in the bitumen tank segment.
  • Poland: Kässbohrer is now among the top five semi-trailer manufacturers, following a year-on-year sales growth of 72.7% registered in the January-August period of 2016. This hike is a result of gains recorded in low-bed, tank, silo and curtainsider segments. The company has continued to be the market leader in the fuel tanker segment in Poland.
  • UK: Kässbohrer is ramping up its presence through its new subsidiary formed in July this year, namely Kässbohrer UK Ltd. The establishment of the new subsidiary came in line with company’s expansion in the country in terms of sales and after-sales network. In addition to introducing  new features in its heavy haulage segment in reply to demand coming from British customers, the launch of heavy duty platform specifically designed for the specific needs of the UK transport industry played a major role in the increase Kässbohrer witnessed in its sales.
  • France: Since Solutans 2015 in November last year, Kässbohrer has been witnessing a rapid growth in its sales. The company launched its platform semi-trailer adapted for the French transport industry, while increasing its curtainsider sales as a result of the successful partnership with its local dealer. In addition, Kässbohrer has expanded its after-sales service network to include 79 service points throughout the country.

Kässbohrer adds new production plant in Ulm

In line with its growth, Kässbohrer has commissioned a new facility in Ulm, Germany in August this year, the company’s second facility in the country after its headquarters in Goch. The new facility is currently operating as a sales office, fully offering the company’s wide product range. By the end of this year, Kässbohrer plans to start production in Ulm, with the annual production rate expected to reach 2,000 units. With its deliveries starting from Ulm, Kässbohrer is planning get closer to its customer base not only in the south of the country, but also in the neighbouring countries, including Austria and the Czech Republic.

After the commissioning of its new production plant in Ulm, Kässbohrer’s production facilities will be spread over four locations in three countries: The company headquarters in Goch acts as its primary production plant in Germany. Kässbohrer semi-trailers designed for the Russian market are produced in Tula Oblast, while its main production facility is located in Adapazari.

Gearing up in Italy

With reinforcing further its production power, Kässbohrer is now planning to improve the pace of its growth in Italy.

Accordingly, Kässbohrer has agreed with Brescia-based truck and semi-trailer provider Multiservice srl as its new dealer in Italy in order to expand its sales force in the country through a strong partnership.

“We are now prepared to bring our impressive success to the Italian semi-trailer market. With a strong partner like Multiservice, we believe that we will see an accelerated growth in our sales in Italy, with a target of 10% market share. We have already taken steps in order to expand further our after-sales service network in the country in order to provide our expertise all along the life span of our semi-trailers,” Kässbohrer’s Country Manager for Italy Cankut Özkorkut explained.

According to the data provided by Italian Automotive Industry Association (ANFIA), in the first eight months of the current year, new registrations for Kässbohrer semi-trailers in Italy increased by 58.7% year-on-year. This growth came after a threefold increase recorded in 2015.

Kässbohrer’s after-sales services cover all across Europe

Kässbohrer’s after-sales network fully covers the backbone of the Italian transport industry, all along the Autostrada A4, the motorway which connects Turin and Trieste via Milan and Venice. Until the end of the current year, Kässbohrer’s after-sales network will cover 20 after-sales points, including the central and south of Italy as well.

Kässbohrer 24/7 Hotline provides roadside assistance to all Kässbohrer users in Italy, along with other 26 countries all across Europe, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Italian is among 17 national languages in which roadside assistance service is provided.

In addition, within Kässbohrer’s K-Advance Care programme, Kässbohrer users can choose a full maintenance guarantee for a period of 24, 36, 48 or 60 months or for an annual mileage - ideally adjusted to their needs. K-Advance Care guarantees replacement of worn-out parts throughout Europe, including Italy, at over 6,000 service points.