NUFAM 2019 Fair Product Launch: Kässbohrer’s Brand-New Low-Loader for the Transportation of Agricultural Machines: K.SLL B 2

26 September 2019

Kässbohrer proudly showcases its brand-new Low-Loader for the transportation of tall and heavy agricultural machines, K.SLL B 2 during NUFAM 2019 fair.

Safe Transportation of Agricultural Machines are offered by Kässbohrer

Kässbohrer’s extendable Low-Loader with 2 axles K.SLL B 2 is specially designed for the safe transportation of agricultural machines with high wheels or pallets thanks to its strong central chassis and robust construction.

With its pool length of 6.600 mm and king-pin capacity of up to 18 ton, K.SLL B 2 provides solutions for all kind of agricultural machinery.

K.SLL B 2 is engineered to handle the cargo with care. With a ground clearance of only 100 mm and loading height of 400 mm K.SSL B 2 enables the transportation of tall and heavy agricultural machines with high wheels or pallets.

Best Load Distribution is offered by Kässbohrer

The pin connected boogie design between rear boogie and the central beam of the vehicle allows users to manipulate displacement while loading hence enabling safer loading and optimum load distribution between king pin and axles.

Additionally, the hydraulic adjustable gooseneck is another key feature for optimum load distribution.

Maximum Maneuverability is offered by Kässbohrer

Equipped with hydraulically-steered axles, K.SLL B 2 offers maximum maneuverability even under the toughest working conditions and at narrow curves with increased technical axle capacity of 12 t and turning angle up to 42˚.

Practical Transportation of the Longest and Wider Goods is offered by Kässbohrer

Extendable up to 4.550 mm, K.SLL B 2 series offers 11.150 mm pool length ensuring that all loads can be placed on the trailer.

6 x 2 units of galvanized steel extension brackets and compatible hardwood blocks of the vehicle offer a total lateral widening of 1.240 mm which ends up with 2.990 mm of total width.

The extension brackets can turn 180 degrees allowing for a lowered platform on the extensions. Moreover for agricultural machines with high tyres and pallets users can place chassis to the middle part and hang the tyres or pallets from both sides.

Operational Flexibility is offered by Kässbohrer

Gooseneck and pool area decouple from each other easily by hydraulic, pneumatic, electric couplings, and connectors in less than 50 seconds.

Additionally, to be compatible with different 5th wheel heights, K.SLL B 2 comes with hydraulic adjustable gooseneck.

Best Anti-Corrosion Protection is offered by Kässbohrer

Kässbohrer provides the best corrosion resistance through metallization that provides up to 20 years of protection.

Technical Details of Extendable Low-Loader K.SLL B 2

Total Length: 13.225 mm

Pool Length: 6.600 mm

Pool Extension: 4.550 mm

Loadind Height: 400 mm (loaded)

Gooseneck Length: 3.825 mm

5th Wheel Height: 1.250 mm (± 25 mm)

King-Pin Capacity: 18.000 kg

Tare Weight: 12.500 kg

Payload: 29.500 kg

Total Width: 1.300mm + 1.690 mm