SOLUTRANS 2019 Fair Product Launch: Biggest Silo Container Volume from Kässbohrer: K.CON S 40

19 November 2019

At SOLUTRANS 2019 fair, Kässbohrer proudly showcases its brand-new silo container series K.CON S that provides the biggest tank volume out of every 40 ft silo container in the market. 

Best Cost of Ownership is offered by Kässbohrer

Offering the complete intermodal product range and being on top of silo segment, Kässbohrer now meets the long-standing high-quality silo container demand with its silo container K.CON S 40.

K.CON S 40 offers the lightest tare weight with 2.540 kg for 60,4 m3 tank volume and provides the biggest tank volume out of every 40 ft silo container in the market.

Various Bulk Transportation Options are offered by Kässbohrer

Kässbohrer’s brand-new K.CON S series is available for its customers' valuable bulk transportation operation needs with the superior quality of Kässbohrer in 20 ft, 30 ft, and 40 ft.

Additionally, Kässbohrer offers diversified essential equipment according to the load that is carried, including stainless-steel airlines, 360°turnable and adjustable discharge cone mechanism.

Moreover, K.CON S can be equipped with aluminum toolbox with hinged door structure, suitable for railway transport, intermodal transport and container transport as an option.

Proven Stackability is offered by Kässbohrer

K.CON S offers proven stackability up to 170.000 kg in compliance with CSC and UIC-Rail codification and 5+1 storage with its tare weight and light frame.

Technical Details of K.CON S 40  

Volume: 60,4 m3

Tare Diameter: 2.540 mm

External Length: 12.192 mm

Total Width: 2.550 mm

Total Height: 2.670 mm

Tare Weight: 2.540 kg

Stackability: 170.000 kg (1+5 units)

Gross Vehicle Weight: 34.000 kg

Technical Allowable Weight: 39.000 kg