Steady Partnership Over 7 Years

Autamarocchi Chooses Kässbohrer for Intermodal Transportation

13 March 2018

Kässbohrer, the fastest growing trailer manufacturer in Europe offers a complete intermodal products range for all trailer intermodal transportation needs. As Europe is making its change to intermodal transport, one of top 5 transport company in Italy, makes a bigger change in adapting to rail faster than most European countries. Autamarocchi, the leading solution provider in intermodal haulage works with Kässbohrer for reliability and efficiency in their operations.

Intermodal transportation is a freight transport involving more than two modes of transportation (e.g., rail, ship, and truck), without any handling of the freight itself when changing modes. Intermodal transportation contributes to decrease in CO2 emission with less carbon emitting modes of rail and sea while offering customers flexibility in operations. Kässbohrer’s huckepack curtainsider range, fixed and goose neck container chassis options and swap body range including box swap body for textile transport makes Kässbohrer the optimal solution partner for logistics companies.

Autamarocchi, one of the top 5 biggest Italian transporter companies in Italy with 2000 vehicles in their fleet, offers solutions in intermodal transportation. They offer made-to-measure transport all over the Europe according to customers’ needs in the field of container and FTL transport and serve across the European Industry by its specialized full load container transport capacity. It has one of the top three European container chassis fleets compared to other competitors. They were founded in 1986 in order to fully focus on the logistic market thanks to the network of branches in the main ports and areas of production and consumption in Italy and also in Slovenja, Austria, Hungry and Croazia.

One of the most important criteria for fleet companies is the reliability of its supplier. Whenever Autamarocchi needs a new container chassis trailer, Kässbohrer is a steady partner for them for 7 seven years. Kässbohrer meets all the needs of Autamarocchi. With its wide range of options for the requirements of transportation, Kässbohrer provides the best solutions. In the light of that relationship, Autamarocchi always counts on Kässbohrer. Autamarocchi is a constant customer of Kässbohrer K.SHG S Gooseneck Container Chassis. Kässbohrer K.SHG S is suitable for all type of configurations and can carry 20 ft. to 40 ft. containers, providing Auto Marocchi flexibility in operations. Kässbohrer is always preferred by the Autamarocchi for container chassis needs. Thanks to its durable chassis, Kässbohrer K.SHG S provides longer life cycle. Strong chassis enables more payloads and helps to increase the ways of usage of semi-trailer. Kässbohrer K.SHG S is preferred thanks to its wide configurations to the exportation of 55 countries.

Regarding the developments in the intermodal transportation area they also needed to extend their fleet with Intermodal solutions. Autamarocchi preferred again its solution partner Kässbohrer with its K.SCC Ferry Coil Curtainsider and K.SHG L Light Container Chassis for intermodal transportation requests and was ready to serve the best quality and service for Intermodal transportation. With all the trust and solution based partnership among Autamarocchi and Kässbohrer, the 70 units of delivery has been completed beginning with 2018. Kässbohrer K.SCC huckepack ferry coil curtainsider is suitable for intermodal, multimodal transportations and unaccompanied ferry traffic. Intermodal transportation requires durable and strong chassis because the operational processes are challenging. The General Manager of Autamarocchi, Ervino Harej highlighted the importance of the robust design of Kässbohrer curtainsider and continued “It is mandatory to have the robust chassis for challenging operational loadings if you want full efficiency. We are aware of that and worked with Kässbohrer time after time. Also the delivery time of Kässbohrer and competitive advantage among other manufacturers make the partnership important for Autamarocchi.”

The new and reputable Light Container Chassis Kässbohrer K.SHG L is the newest product range of Autamarocchi fleet. This new container chassis can carry 40 ft. to 45 ft. containers as well as swap bodies.  It is one of the most preferred Kässbohrer semi trailer. Last year in 2017, 220 units of K.SHG L was included into the reputable companies’ fleets. Optimal application of Kässbohrer’s enginuity in design and manufacturing create the lightest and the most robust container chassis in the market. The reason behind that is, Kässbohrer offers wide options and aluminum rims which can reduce the empty weight from 3840 kg to 3640 kg making it the lightest option among competitors. Since its launch in 2016 at the IAA show, Kässbohrer container chassis is popular in the market enjoying a thousands of sales growth in Europe.

Kässbohrer’s Key Account Sales Manager Mr. Mehmet Önen stated “Kässbohrer continues to be the solution partner for transportation and logistics sector by offering the best quality and services to its customers. Not only product based but also Kässbohrer contributes to the sector itself with its innovative approach. Kässbohrer and Italy have a special relationship and we will sustain this partnership for years to all over the Europe.”