Unique, Light and Robust: Kässbohrer Aluminum Tipper K.SKA

08 April 2019

Europe’s fastest growing semi-trailer manufacturer Kässbohrer offers the complete construction product range to the industry and continues to engineer its vehicles according to versatile customer requirements.

As a result of this approach, in 2018 Kässbohrer introduced aluminum tipper K.SKA to the industry and will exhibit this vehicle during bauma 2019 at the heartbeat of the construction industry, taking place between 8-14 April, in Munich, Germany at Stand 722 I 6 in Open Area.

Reliable and Robust Aluminum Tipper is Kässbohrer

Kässbohrer aluminum tipper K.SKA can be manufactured with 24 m3 and 26 m3 volumes and stands for reliability and robustness with its high strength S700MC steel chassis and box type aluminum upper structure under the hardest load and road conditions with its modular design.

Additionally, cataphoretic coating (KTL) application to chassis frame withstands adverse weather conditions and tough road conditions and offers 10 years warranty against rust perforation.  

Acclaimed Robust Chassis with High Payload Capacity

S700MC steel with higher yield strength is engineered for weight optimization of the goods that are transported per trip, along with durability of the vehicle

Lightweight solutions directly leads to higher payload, fuel savings, increased product life and less maintenance.

Extra high strength steel, a material used even in cranes and earthmoving vehicles, provides the robustness that is needed in operations.

Unique Light Upper Structure Design is offered by Kässbohrer

With its unique light upper structure design with lower center of gravity, K.SKA offers the maximum traction performance and ideal load distribution for road safety.

Additionally, K.SKA offers more payload and higher fuel efficiency with its unique light design that is 4.980 kg. The weight advantage of up to 1.500 kg is achieved compared to steel body version.

Robust Patented Modular Floor with Enchanced Serviceability

K.SKA’s unexampled modular floor panel consists 400 mm of lockable aluminum floor panels with 6 mm of wall thickness. This feature provides the same robustness without the need for more thickness. This design increases the payload by reducing upper structure weight.

Additionally, this modular structure resolves the issue of changing the entire floor by removing only the damaged zone partially.

Easy and quick replaceable modular panels also reduces idle workshop time.

Patented Modular Side Panels with 500 mm Panel Width

K.SKA’s 40 mm side wall profiles with 4 mm inner wall and 2 mm outer wall thickness with 500 mm wide side panels are the widest size in the market and ensures the strongest design to lateral forces, which prolongs the product life of the upper structure. 

The modular design also allows the replacement of damaged parts to be carried out easily.

Easy Material Flow with Rounded Botton Corners is offered by Kässbohrer

Modular floor and side panels are molded together with rounded bottom corners. Rounded bottom corners enable faster flow of the load and eliminate the leftover material residue during the discharge process. 

Wear Plate Options to Protect Upper Structure is offered by Kässbohrer

Optional wear plate with various thickness options are available starting from 5 mm at the rear for the last 2.100 mm of the inner upper structure.

Wear plates ensure the most damage-prone parts of the upper structure to be of the protected during harsh unloading operations.

Faster and Secure Discharge Process offered by Hydraulic Cylinder 

5-step H Type HYVA Alpha series high-pressure cylinder with a lifting capacity of 250 bar enables faster and secure discharge process.

Operational Safety with Wide Tipping Shaft

Specially designed wide tipping shaft provides better stability during the tipping operation by distributing load to a wider area to enhance operational safety.

Prolonged Product Life with Body Fix is provided by Kässbohrer  

K.SKA’s Body fix feature provides housing for the upper structure. This housing prevents any damage to the hydraulic cylinder and tipping shaft caused by the lateral forces which are constantly encountered on the road.

Road and load safety is also achieved on the road by reducing the movement on the upper structure.

Wide Range of Options are offered by Kässbohrer

Kässbohrer’s aluminum tipper K.SKA is offered with wide range of options including atomatic sliding through rear tarpaulin, controlled by remote control or button on the vehicle, manual sliding through rear tarpaulin controlled by an arm, smartboard, LED lights, tyre brand options, hubodometer, 3rd axle self steering for disc and drum brake axles, quick coupling Hyva hydraulic suction and pressure hose with diameter of 1, grain door, external ladder,

broom, shovel and holder.