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Kässbohrer Dry Freight Box Trailer K.SBT offers robust and dependable solutions for your fleet making a difference with special features.

K.SBT’s Aluminium Roller Shutter stands out for its high stability, straight-line design and for easy quick installation and maintenance. Roller Shutter is certified according to DIN EN 12642 XL (8.100 da.N).

K.SBT’s insulated roof is internally and externally coated with glass fiber reinforced polyester with a thickness of 35 mm as an option, provides higher insulation and strength.

Furthermore, K.SBT is equipped with KTL Coated Steel Front Panel in accordance with EN 12642 Code XL. The inner surface of the front panel is reinforced with a plywood protection plate. 

Equipped with Taillift, K.SBT accelerates the loading and unloading operations when there is no ramp.

Kässbohrer Dry Freight Box vehicles can be offered with 2 axles that have different lengths and equipped with forced steering axles as an option. With these features, Kässbohrer K.SBT is the best solution for inner city operations, where there is not much space and maneuverability is needed.

With these engineering capabilities, K.SBT ensures the safe transportation of your goods, especially your high-quality furniture.