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  • Fifth Wheel Height (H5)1.450 mm
  • Wheelbase (WB)11.145 mm
  • External Length (L)18.100 mm
  • Gooseneck Length (GL)3.900 mm
  • Platform Length (PL)14.200 mm
  • Platform Extension Length (PE)19.500 mm
  • Total Width (W)2.750 mm
  • Platform Height (PH)968 mm (min loaded 848 mm)
  • Distance Between Axles (A)1.360 mm
  • ChassisMade of high quality and high strength S700 MC steel, in compliance with Standard ISO 1726
  • Brake SystemDual-circuit electro-pneumatic WABCO brand EBS 4S/3M + 2S/2M brake system, incl. ABS ans RSS, in accordance with UN ECE R13 Regulation
  • Tyre Size245/70 R17.5
  • AxlesBPW axles with hydraulic suspension and drum brake.
  • Electric System24V electrical lightning system with 2 x 7 + 1 x 15 pin socket in accordance with UN ECE R48 Regulation
  • FloorHardwood floor with chequered steel plate on top of wheels
  • Steering Type6 hydraulic steering + 1 self-steering axle + 1 fixed axle
  • King Pin Capacity30 ton king-pin capacity
  • Axle Load96 tonnes technical axles capacity
  • Gross Vehicle WeightTotal Permissible Weight [60 km/h] = 126.000 kg