Kässbohrer developed the Digital Trailer Control (DTC) unit to maximize the safety of drivers and operators. The mechanical control of different curtainsider and tipping silo semi-trailer equipments are centralized in a single digital control unit. The unit enables the driver to monitor load distributions as well.

Normally drivers and operators have to use different equipment on a trailer such as park brake, landing gear, the folding bumper and the roof lifting for curtainsider. DTC, enables centralized systematic control of these functions from a safe distance and clear sight. DTC also enables drivers to monitor loads on the trailer and load distributions between king pin and axles.

DTC’s user-friendly interface accelerates the operations without compromising operator’s safety. DTC has alternative user interfaces. The “Touchscreen”, can be customized according to each customer’s standard equipment in their fleet. The “Wireless Smart Key,” enables systems controls and acts as an immobilizer much like the smart key application in the automotive industry.

The main value of DTC is minimizing occupational injury risks, protecting the drivers and the operators. Consequently probable healthcare, administrative and production costs are eliminated. Furthermore, European Agency for Safety and Health at Work suggests outdoor workplaces have to be arranged to avoid injury risks. DTC can be implemented as an accident prevention tool and assist the user for a safe ride.

Parking Brake Control: DTC eliminates the risk of unauthorized use of parking brake mechanism. According to pre-sets, parking brakes can only be activated on remote control unit by entering a password.

Landing Gear Control: The electromechanical landing gear can be controlled with DTC from a safe distance. DTC will either set the parking brake automatically as soon as the landing gears are fully extracted, or warn the user until the landing gears has been fully extracted.

Load Distribution Control: DTC will automatically check loads on the king pin and the axles and load distributions. If there is an overloading or a wrong distribution of loads between king pin and axles, DTC will prevent trailer to move or warn driver according to pre-sets.

Rear Underrun Protection Control: DTC can set the bumper (Rear Underrun Protection) position – folded or unfolded. If the user forgets to set the bumper, e.g. for driving purposes; DTC will automatically set the bumper for driving position, or warn the user for the risky situation.

Customs Security Cable Control: DTC will warn the user for improper condition of customs security cable (TIR), which might need to be reworked (cut and weld).

Additional Digital Functions Control: DTC have additional blank ports which can used to control/monitor other digital functions of trailer e.g. status of door sensor (if exist), DTC can warn driver if the door is open.