• Fifth Wheel Height (H5)1.150 mm
  • Gooseneck (NH)125 mm
  • Wheelbase (Wb)7.700 mm
  • Internal Height (IH)2.710 mm
  • External Length (L)13.680 mm
  • Internal Length (Il)13.610 mm
  • Total Width (W)2.550 mm
  • Internal Width (IW)2.480 mm
  • ChassisMade of high quality and high strength S460 MC steel, in compliance with Standard ISO 1726. Made of two welded longitudinal beams in I form with cross beams at needed distances. Reinforced with KTL protection with Kässbohrer expertise (10 years warranty for perforation)
  • Brake SystemAntiblocking (ABS) and rolling control system suitable for UN ECE R13 regulation.EBS 2S / 2M braking system of WABCO brand with electro-pneumatic dual-circuit that contains power supply (RSS) and voltage supply (24N) through brake light
  • AxlesBPW air suspension and disc brake axle with 9 ton capacity each
  • Tyre Size385/65 R 22.5
  • Electric SystemASPÖCK branded lightning installation which contains 2x7 and 1x15 pin sockets, 24 V LED in compliance with UN ECE R48 regulation. The front position lamps and side position lamps of the Aspöck Europoint III bulb type lighting system are led, and the rear stop lamps are bulb.
  • Floor35 mm plywood floor with 4 lines of galvanized steel paper Jolada rails, offered with apermissible forklift axle load of 9,500 kg in compliance with standard EN 283.The fill-in profiles that are stored on the side pockets of the upper structure, can easily be removed and fitted to the floor, providing a flat flooring to transport any load. During regular transportation, these fill-in profiles protect the rails from dirt and offer long-lasting performance.
  • K-FixK-Fix has holes every 70mm per side rave which increases load lashing variaties. Each load strapping point has a load capacity of 2.5 tons
  • Front Panel TypeKTL coated steel panel and 1.220 mm plywood protection plate
  • Roof TypeEDSCHA brand, one-way sliding roof system opening from rear
  • King Pin Capacity12.000 kg
  • Axle Load27.000 kg
  • Total Weight39.000 kg
  • Pallet Capacity34 units