Kässbohrer and Langhorst build a New Partnership

Kässbohrer and Langhorst build a New Partnership

13 October 2021

Leading semi-trailer manufacturer Kässbohrer and Germany’s reputable Heinrich Langhorst GmbH & Co have established a new partnership and the company added 12 Light K.SHG L Container Chassis to their fleet.

Founded in 1919 in Bremen-Findorff, Langdorf is a modern logistics company with a focus on container logistics and warehousing. Today, the company operates with a fleet of about 150 modern trucks and over 200 semi-trailers of all sizes and their headquarter is located in the Bremen GVZ.

Mr. Matthias Werner, Main Shareholder of Langhorst, Mr. Heiner Lohoefer, Managing Director at Langhorst, and Mr. Vincent Koel, Manager Region Northern Germany at Kässbohrer, commented on the partnership.

“As Langhorst, we already know that Kässbohrer container chassis vehicles are award-winning and we rely on the quality and robustness of Kässbohrer vehicles,” stated Mr. Matthias Werner.

“Kässbohrer Light K.SHG L Container Chassis vehicles are allowing higher payload and lower fuel consumption due to its lightweight design. The design of the vehicle allows the safe and easy loading of containers with only four locks.

We are very glad to build a new partnership with Kässbohrer, “added Mr. Heiner Lohoefer.

Kässbohrer’s North Germany Region Manager Vincent Koel stated: “As Kässbohrer, we offer the complete intermodal product range with innovation award winner Container Chassis vehicles to our customers manufactured through meticulous design and validation processes and skilled workmanship.

We proudly offer 17 Container Chassis vehicles from tank containers and flat chassis to gooseneck non-extendable and gooseneck extendable categories. The extensive range proudly includes Trailer Innovation 2019 Award in Category “Chassis” through its Multifunctional Container Chassis K.SHG AVMH with novel octagonal central frame design.

With the low weight and increased payload, Langhorst decided to operate with Kässbohrer as it is also user-friendly to carry 40 ft, 45 ft containers by simply changing the front locks only.

Kässbohrer’s Container Chassis product range is suitable for carrying 20 ft tank, 30 ft tank, 20 ft, 30 ft, 40 ft and 45 ft. Different kinds of containers can be transported in vehicle selection and different lock combinations increase the capability of more container types according to your needs and operations.

Our Light K.SHG L Container Chassis vehicle is engineered to handle both containers and swap bodies ranging from C45 to C55 and the vehicle is suitable to carry 1x40 ft and 1x45 ft containers.

K.SHG L offers a user-friendly operation when switching between 40 ft and 45 ft containers thanks to the design that allows switching the positioning of front container locks that eliminates the need for an extendable gooseneck.

We are very glad to build a partnership with Langhorst and I’m sure that our partnership will continue to grow with proven robustness and ease of use of our vehicles and broad after sales services.”

About Kässbohrer

In 1893, when Karl Kässbohrer founded his Wagenfabrik in Ulm, he redefined what trailer engineering could achieve. Today, thanks to over 125 years of staying true to his ethos, Kässbohrer products are used in more than 55 countries, have innovated in more ways and have a broader product line than Mr. Kässbohrer would ever have thought possible.

Adhering to the motto “Enginuity”, Kässbohrer engineers its trailers to the highest standard. Trailer Innovation 2017 Award “Safety” and Trailer Innovation 2019 Award “Chassis” category winner Kässbohrer received 5 nominations in 5 categories, respectively with First-Ever and Only 45 ft Coil Swap Body K.SWAU.CC/45 in the Category "Body", Multifunctional rear under run protection device, with RUPD-5K1 in the category "Components", with Coated Hygiene Reefer in the Category "Environment", with Curtainsider K.SCX L with Dynamic Wheelbase for 14.980 mm length in the Category "Concept" and with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems in the category “Smart Trailer”.

Kässbohrer Hotline and After-Sales Network

Kässbohrer’s after-sales services network has 644 services in Europe and Russia to take care of its customer’s needs. With recent development, Kässbohrer customers can access real-time business hours of its entire network from Kässbohrer’s website www.kaessbohrer.com/findus.

Kässbohrer offers non- stop roadside assistance through Kässbohrer Hotline 24/7 available in 27 countries and 23 languages, Kässbohrer’s after-sales services are attuned to meet the needs.