Vertical Days 2014

Kässbohrer took part in Vertical Days 2014 in Merseyside, England.

25 May 2014


On 14th - 15th of May 2014 Kässbohrer took part in Vertical Days 2014 in Merseyside, England. At the fastest growing lifting and access event in the UK and Ireland’s, Kässbohrer was presented by its new dealer Tinsley Special Products Ltd. and exhibited Kässbohrer 6 Axles Hydraulic Steering Low-bed, K.SLH 6 and 3 Axles Low-loader, K.SLL 3. 

Vertical Days 2014 is a special event, focuses on lifting and access products. The event brought together lifting industry’s latest products including mobile cranes, tower and trailer cranes, mobile access towers, mast climbers and hoists and parts & service suppliers. 

At the event, Kässbohrer’s new low-bed and low-loader series presented which launched on 20 February 2014 at Kässbohrer’s Goch Facility with the broad participation of the sector stakeholders. Kässbohrer’s extendable hydraulic steering 6 axle low-bed semi-trailer, K.SLH 6, with 106 tons transport capacity, is designed for all types of heavy duty transportation. Engineered with hydraulic steering axles and wireless remote control, K.SLH offers maximum maneuverability and flexibility under the toughest road and working conditions. Providing a gooseneck capacity of 34 tons and extendable up to 15.2 meters, K.SLH 6 is developed for the extreme heavy duty transport. 

Kässbohrer’s 3 axles low-loader, K.SLL 3, with a ground clearance height of 400 mm, provides safe transport of heavy haulage goods up to 3.600 mm height. Engineered with a bolted gooseneck, K.SLL 3 shortens loading operations of bulky goods, while enhancing safety with front loading options. Equipped with hydraulic steering axles, K.SLL 3 provides maximum maneuverability during loading and unloading operations. Extendable up to 5.200 mm, the K.SLL 3 is designed for the safe transport of heavy haulage and abnormal goods. 

In the UK, Europe's one of the important semi-trailer markets, Kässbohrer has decided to collaborate with Tinsley Special Products Ltd. and signed dealership agreement on 28 March 2014. Tinsley Special Products Ltd. has a remarkable heavy commercial vehicle sector experience and represents Kässbohrer’s wide range of products in the UK. Tinsley will mostly focus on low-bed and platform product groups.