Kässbohrer proudly developed 2 robust vehicles special for city operations, respectively Dry Freight City Plywood Box K.SBT CS and Dry Freight Forced Steering Plywood Box K.SBT C. 

Kässbohrer engineered its Dry Freight City Plywood Box vehicles to shorten operation times with high maneuverability for the city operations of the supermarket, furniture, and general cargo transport.

For the flexible needs of distribution operations; Kässbohrer's 11.025 mm K.SBT CS with 1 or 2 axles with steering axle is a perfect fit with its 27 euro-pallet capacity that enables maneuverability even on the narrowest city roads while 13.600 mm K.SBT C is designed for efficiency in general city operations.

With ingenious design and engineering excellence, Kässbohrer’s K.SBT CS is tailor-made to conquer city roads with a mechanical steering axle. The integration of the mechanical steering axle to the robust running gear and cataphoretic dip-coated (KTL) S460MC steel chassis provides low maintenance and a longer lifetime. K.SBT CS reduces fuel consumption, tyre wear and prevents vehicle damage through better maneuverability.