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Kässbohrer City Semi Trailer with Forced Steering and Plywood Box Series K.SBT C is especially engineered to offer excellent maneuverability in narrow city roads with its mechanical steering axle.

K.SBT C’s steering axles enable time saving and decrease fuel consumption as well as preventing vehicle damages in operations.

K.SBT C is making a difference with its robustness with 20 mm thick plywood walls, 7.2 ton forklift capacity phenol resin coated plywood floor as standard, S460MC steel chassis and EN 12642 Code XL certificated upper structure. 

Kässbohrer offers flexibility and operational efficiency to its customers through versatile options. K.SBT C accelerates loading and unloading when there is no ramp with Tail-lift, enables faster operations with aluminum shutter door, accommodates heavier loads with 35 mm laminated hardwood floor strengthened with steel omega profiles and provides additional space for 33 euro-pallets and 10 tons loading capacity with Double-Deck option.

Adhering to the motto “Enginuity”, K.SBT C is the perfect fit for regular transport business such as supermarket distribution while cantilever lift feature provides a powerful lift for intensive and heavy-duty tasks.